Make Ready

Smart DoERS introduces a modern solution, to an age-old apartment industry problem. After a deep dive in the industry, Smart DoERs discovered that the make ready process was disjointed, frustrating and time-consuming. Onsite staff members were scheduling six different services with six different vendors – creating scheduling nightmares along with unexpected challenges and headaches. As a full-service partner for onsite apartment staff, Smart DoERs handles the frustration between the move-out and move-in, as a single-source for all turn services: trash-out’s, paint, clean, carpet, wall repair, flooring, punch and counter and tub resurfacing.

Bathtub resurfacing with double protection. We caulk around the tub with mildew and rust proof caulk and come back and lay a caulk strip to make it more cosmetically appealing and also as an extra layer of protection. $200 per tub.

We do a full paint job and don’t let not one square inch go untouched. Call us for an estimate today.

Make ready apartment complete.

Make ready apartment with ceiling and wall repair, full paint, bathtub and rink resurface, new flooring with full quarter round installed.

Make ready apartment with new bathroom bathtub, toilet, water tank, flooring, sheet rock, paint etc.